This is the likely offical cover for Potlatch 8 by Robert Elrod


Your illustrated story should be suited for general audiences, nudity and profanity should be avoided. If you feel that your illustrated story has acceptable nudity and justify use of profanity, contact me at Noppie

It is very important that ALL artwork be at 6.625 in x 10.25 in. at 400 (min) to 600 (max) dpi. Interior page template click HERE.

It is very important that each contributor follow the interior page template as closely as possible. POD printing some time pages shift. Following template allow a uniform look and centers all artwork on the page.

Burn on a CD or DVD and mailed to Potlatch, c/o S. Noppenberger, 695 Windsor Drive, Westminster, Maryland 21158-4200

There will be ONE offical wrap-around cover on Potlatch 8 and limited two.

The theme for Potlatch 8 is ONE STORY. It is not a requirement, only a suggestion. Quality of art and story are more important. Potlatch averages 64 to 96 max pages. Potlatch rarely rejects anyone. BUT a certain standard is required and after 64 pages only the best of those submitted will be included.

• Official Cover Due 10th of Feb 2009
• Interior Artwork due 15th of Feb 2009
• Press Release 30th of Jan 2009
• Mailings, ads 10th Mar 2009 
• Debut at SPACE 2009
• Retailer release June 2009

Here is the cover template to Potlatch 8