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Biographic information about the individual known as Noppie or Steven Noppenberger.

Steven was born on the first of August in 1960 in Baltimore, Maryland. He grew up in a community called Randallstown. Noppie always liked to draw and always desired to be a cartoonist. However life had other plans.

He graduated from Randallstown Sr high School in 1979. In 1980 he enlisted in the United States Marines Corp. While in the Marines he volunteered as a Peace Keeper in Lebanon in 1983.

This is the information page where you find out about Angry Dog Press and warm body that funds it, illustrates, writes and does everything else. That warm body would be Steven Noppenberger aka NOPPIE.

Upon exiting the Marines, he started employment with then Westinghouse as a lab tech (the similarity between his Whistle Blower comic and his real life are just a coindence.)

He first attended Catonsville Community College exness demo account and took electronics theory. He later attended Maryland Institute College of Art and in the evenings. At the same time he also trained in Hap Ki Do.

  • 1983 served as Marine Peacekeeper.
  • 1990 Noppie had a single piece of Art in Maryland Artscape and won first place in the Towson Art Festival.
  • 1992 Noppie was awarded his Black Belt in Hap Ki Do.
  • 1993 at 5:05 PM Noppie was pronouce dead at Northwest Hostipal but got better. He had a near death experience that radically changed his view of the world.
  • 1999 Noppie started self publishing.
  • Noppie now has employment with the United States Postal Service as a Rural Letter Carrier. he made regular on the 1st of March 2008

Noppie while in France attending Angouleme in 2005
On the 23rd of August 2007, Steven's sister Linda Noppenberger passed away from exness demo account mt4 Liver Cancer. As part of Linda's Will he inherited her children Garrett and Samantha. THose children now live with him.

Noppie other passions are running

and training in martial arts.

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